A busy session as normal. Lisa welcomed everyone and especially gave a warm welcome to James who recently lost his wife Mollie.

Lisa also wished Helen and Chrystalla a happy holiday as they were going for 3 months to Cyprus. Everyone gave their best wishes.

Lisa brought some Kosher cakes today which were left over from the recent launch in Borehamwood. Members really enjoyed the variety of cakes and whilst chatting amongst each other they also worked together as a team to answer quiz questions and some members enjoyed doing word searches.

The session then followed with the arrival of George Ritchie a new music entertainer who came with his mother. Members enjoyed his music and singing which was different. Some members also enjoyed some dancing.

It was an enjoyable session. There was only one volunteer today - Melvyn but as usual the carers always step in to help. Thank you to Melvyn for his continued support.