The session today was led by Annette and was as usual very full and lots of chatting and excitement.

Members know to arrive early to get a seat as they really look forward to attending. What a tremendous growth in such a short history of DCUK. Kudos to DCUK!

After a welcome, I introduced Officials of Barnet Museum, Mike and Hillary who arrived with cases of items from the 1950s to share and elicit thoughts from members. They started with a quiz and even though I had informed them that our members were very good at this, they were truly surprised at how well they did and how much they enjoyed it.

Conversations were held, inspired by the objects they brought from the museum. Members really enjoyed looking at so many different items and talking about them.

This was followed by entertainment by Moshe. Delightful as usual! It was difficult bringing the session to an end because Moshe was as excited as the members if not more! There was of course dancing. Everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon and I am certainly privileged to be part of this beautiful family.