Our Wednesday dementia club at Finchley Memorial Hospital is always so full. Everyone always looks forward to coming. It was lovely warm day and Lisa announced that if the weather was warm again next week she would bring ice creams. Everyone cheered.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them the updates and details of the next outing to Southend on the 3rd July.

It was one of the members birthday a few days ago and Lisa surprised Sayeed who is 85 years old with a small birthday cake and candle and everyone sang happy birthday. Sayeed was very overwhelmed.

The session followed with a game of bingo and this time we played for full house. They enjoy playing bingo and the prize today was won by Peter and Dawn which was a colourful donkey. They were very pleased.

After the bingo, we did some singing with the song sheets and as Doris Day recently died, members wanted to sing Que Sera Sera first. The session then followed with Lisa doing some chair exercises with everyone and then the last part of the session was followed playing Tovertafel.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to our volunteers today Angela, Rosa and Mark our Trustee