It was as usual a busy session. Members were really looking forward to attending today to see and hear Helen Tierney. Helen entertains by playing the Harp, piano and accordion. One of the members Brian was especially looking forward to this day. He couldn’t wait and was crossing off the days.

Lisa welcomed everyone and announced upcoming events. Members were also busy doing a word search and a quiz to identify 15 famous faces and 9 countries to identify their national flowers. This wasn’t easy but members always enjoy the challenge.

One of the carers Ernie Glenister then prepared and brought some old photos and documents going back to his childhood at school and wanted to share this with members. In his talk to members, Ernie goes back 79 years ago when he was 4 years old and his brother was 2 years old and they were evacuated in May 1940. They attended a nursery in Canonbury, Islington run by Lady Islington and the whole nursery was sent by coaches to Dyrham Park, near Bath, Lady Islington’s country seat.

Ernie was later transferred with another lad onto a nearby farm. His brother now aged 5 and Ernie now aged 7 came home to London in 1943 then sent to Loughborough due to V1’s and V2’s returning home in early 1945.

Lisa thanked Ernie for his very informative talk and copies of his photos and documents which are published on this website with his permission. It was then time for Helen to perform and everyone welcomed her. She played beautifully as usual there was singing and also some dancing.

Thank you today to Lizzy, (Dr Angela and Mark our Trustees) and Melissa for their help and support during the session. This was an enjoyable session and everyone left with a smile.