We had quite a few members today and some new members.

Lisa decided to arrange the tables differently so that we were using more of the space available. It worked very well and everyone liked the new arrangement.

Members enjoyed the first part of the session as usual, chatting and doing a word search whilst also enjoying their teas/coffees and cakes. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave some updates regarding upcoming events.

Joanna then arrived to do some chair Chi Gong exercises which everyone always find very relaxing. The session then followed with Ronnie’s music entertainment which everyone really enjoys with lots of dancing. As it was Pam’s birthday today (one of the carers) she brought in some chocolates to share which everyone appreciated and Ronnie also played the Happy Birthday tune and we all sang giving our best wishes.

It was an enjoyable session. Thank you to Mark one of the Trustees for helping to set up with the tables and chairs and also to some of the carers who also volunteer to help.