This was our first session today taking over from the Alzheimer’s Society. We had some new members and a few of our other dementia club members who attended.

Lisa started the session welcoming all the members which also included Toffee a therapy dog. She is a greyhound and very loveable. Members enjoyed having her there.

Lisa also welcomed a new volunteer Sarah who used to volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Society. It was lovely to see Theresa one of our Dementia Club UK volunteers who also attended.

Members tucked into their sandwiches and biscuits and enjoyed chatting whilst also colouring some pictures with crayons. Richard then arrived to do some chair yoga which everyone really enjoyed as Richard makes it fun.

The session then followed with some poetry reading with Lisa and members were happy to take turns to read a verse. The last part of the session was social activities with magnetic darts, skittles, table tennis and Putting golf which members also really enjoyed. It was a fun afternoon and everyone left with a smile.

A very successful first session. Thank you to our volunteers for their help and also Mark one of our Trustees who was also very supportive and helpful.