Today's session was led by Eugenia and Charlyn from the Rotary Club of Hendon:

Today was another thrilling day at the Dementia Club UK session at the Hendon Town Hall. Members arrived feeling the spring in the air. Refreshments were served.

Eugenia first gave a warm welcome to  everyone, Charlyn our volunteer from Rotary Club of Hendon was at hand to lead as the Bingo caller. Members, Carers and Volunteers all enjoyed the Bingo session; this was followed by an exercise session led by the enigmatic Eon who took us all through our paces.

For the first time we welcomed Dennis a seasoned musician to Dementia Club UK- Hendon Town Hall. Dennis performed different genre of music to delight members, carers and volunteers who also danced, and sang along with so much pleasure.

A special thanks goes out to volunteers from Rotary Club of Hendon, Charlyn, Eugenia, Alex and Francesca and of course our thanks to Lisa and Mark for their continued support.