A very busy session as usual. Lisa decorated the tables today with daffodils especially as Mothers Day was in a few days and informed everyone that they could take the daffodils home at the end of the session.

Lisa welcomed and thanked all the volunteers and also introduced 2 new volunteers today Angela and Rosa who received a warm welcome from everyone. Lisa also reminded everyone that Dr Angela was also in attendance to take blood pressures and provide any medical advice to members.

Lisa then introduced two visitors from Constantia Care - Morag Collier who is the Manager and Ellie Edwards who is Deputy Manager. They gave a short presentation about the type of care they provide and then there was an opportunity for members to ask questions.

It was then time for music entertainment with Moshe and as usual Moshe gets everyone up and dancing as he is able to play and sing a variety of songs in many languages. It was a fun afternoon and everyone left with a smile.

My thanks to my volunteers Dr Angela and Mark our Trustees, Lindsey, Melvyn, Melissa and of course our new volunteers.