A busy session as usual. We now have to bring a bench seat into the room to accommodate more members.

Lisa welcomed everyone and made a few announcements. It was really wonderful to also see Rosetta today as her mum Tita recently passed away. Lisa welcomed her and members were all very pleased to see Rosetta.

Lisa then distributed a picture quiz of famous baby faces to all the members who had to guess who they were. This was great fun. Lisa then introduced her son Nick who is also one of the Trustees and he did an informal presentation about ‘White Noise’ Lisa asked members how many have trouble sleeping at night and as most members put their hand up, Nick then started his presentation to talk about a simple APP can be downloaded on your phone to help. Nick demonstrated all the different sounds which members can choose and gave out some leaflets with all the information. It was also great fun for members to try and guess what the sounds were.

Members were very grateful for this information and applauded Nick for his excellent presentation. Lisa then followed reading a few jokes which everyone always enjoys and then the session continued with Bingo and finished off with members singing their favourite songs and 2 of the carers leading without music singing some other favourite old time songs.

One of the members also had a photo of when they were married which she passed around for members to see. She had a beautiful Indian Sari and this prompted lots of memories for her which she shared with members.

Thank you to Lizzy our new volunteer for all her help throughout the session and also Mark one of the Trustees for his help throughout the session and Nick for his presentation.

A big thank you also to a few of the carers – Marina, Helen and Lynn for stepping up to help too. It was a very enjoyable session.