The Dementia Club in St John’s Church has been running for the whole year. All sessions have gone well, and the attendance has increased slowly.

We had a good attendance of members today which also included quite a few members from Friends in Need.

The session started as usual with members chatting and enjoying their teas, coffees, biscuits and cakes including mince pies. Lisa welcomed everyone and then gave some advice to everyone about keeping safe over Christmas.

Simon our Rotary quiz master then distributed the Christmas quiz which consisted of 10 images of famous people dressed in Father Christmas clothes and 25 questions of people, places or things that have some connection with Christmas. The members enjoyed the quiz and did really well.

After the quiz the entertainment started with the very talented duo of Helen and Alexis. Helen was playing the accordion and the harp while Alexis was reading some popular Christmas poems. Everyone enjoyed the music and singing to some Christmas carols. Some members even got up to dance to some of the songs.

Members dancing the Hokey Pokey
Members dancing the Hokey Pokey

Thank you to our church volunteers Dorothy and Sue for making teas and coffees. Thank you also to our church warden Andrew and Mark Rutter one of the Trustees of Dementia Club UK for setting up the tables and making the necessary preparations for the session. Thank you to our Rotarians from Barnet; Jim (President), John, Malcolm and Simon. Many thanks to our Doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif. Also, thanks to Lisa, Chairman of Dementia Club UK, for her continuous support to make the Dementia Club at St John’s Church successful.

More pics to come