This was as usual a very busy session. Even though the Christmas party is the following week on the 19th December, today was definitely like a Christmas party. Lisa played some Christmas music and everyone was singing. There was mince pies and other lovely cakes and also Christmas crackers.

Lisa started with a picture quiz asking members to find the names of the people. The clue was that all the names would have Noel or Carol or Holly as part of their name. Although it was challenging, with a few more clues everyone did well and they enjoyed it.

It was then time for musical entertainment. We had someone completely new for the first time. His name is Dennis Grimes and he was absolutely fantastic. His choice of music got every single person up and dancing.

It was lovely to see Arzu and Melissa who came to offer their help today and also thank you to our usual volunteers Melvyn, Eleanor and Dr Angela.

This was a very happy session and everyone is looking forward to next Wednesday.