Today’s session was led by Eleanor with the help of Dr Angela and Melissa.

We had a good turn out and plenty of chat and laughter. We started with a picture quiz about well-known people. This proved to be a popular team activity which everyone could participate in. The most challenging picture was a photo of John Paul the Second! Pat’s team were the winners with twenty correct answers out of twenty. Well done!

Afterwards, we had two games of card bingo. Nearly everyone can play this game without any help and at one point, James was left in charge of three cards while Joan and Lynn were washing up!

It is lovely to see the enjoyment some of our members who have memory difficulties get from playing card bingo and to watch them correcting their carers when they make a mistake.

We finished with another team activity naming things associated with Scotland: food and drink, clothing, sports and pastimes, famous buildings and famous people. Between us we came up with a very long list!

This activity also led to discussions about Scottish holidays. At the end, we listened to a humorous song called ‘Donald Where’s Your Troosers’. It was a high note on which to end our session.

Thank you to our volunteers and especially to Marina, Lynn, Joan and Helen who stepped in to help with the refreshments and washing up in the absence of Melvyn.