Today was a very busy session and although Lisa had to set up the session by herself, she was delighted to be joined later by Eleanor and Dr Angela. As usual carers always also step up to help with teas and coffees.

Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them about the good news with the BBC visit and how the film which was produced has generated a lot of viewers.

It was a pleasure to welcome back 2 of our members Helen and Chrystalla who have been away on holiday to Cyprus for 3 months. Members were delighted to see them.

We also had a visitor - Sally Larner from Barnet Council Prevention and Wellbeing Team and Lisa welcomed her.

It was also a pleasure to see Dr Angela today who had some news to deliver to members about this year’s flu vaccine. Dr Angela informed us that as the effectiveness of flu vaccines has declined, this year’s flu vaccine contains extra ingredients designed to help aged immune systems develop a stronger defence against flu. It is hoped the “adjuvanted vaccine” will help ease pressures on the health service. The only problem however is that there is a low stock at the moment. Dr Angela is however trying to organise for members who want to have their flu vaccine at the Finchley Memorial Hospital.

James one of the carers then wanted to read to members his speech he gave at the Whittington Hospital on the 27th September. His speech was very moving talking about his dear wife Mollie, the challenges of dealing with dementia and a few tips for carers. Lisa will be adding the speech to the website.

As Lisa was very busy with members needing to talk to her, Eleanor stepped up to take the session leading members with some singing from Lisa’s song sheets. The session then followed with Lisa giving members some exercises and fall prevention exercises and then followed with everyone’s favourite song ‘Coming Round the Mountain’.

Lisa then read out a few jokes for members which everyone enjoyed and laughed and the last part of the session followed with members playing Tovertafel and other games.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon.