Dementia Club UK had their outing today to Epping Ongar Railway.

Members of Dementia Club UK with volunteers of the Epping Ongar Railway
Members of Dementia Club UK with volunteers of the Epping Ongar Railway

All was organised perfect by the Railway. When we arrived we were met by Dean Walton the Railway General manager and station staff which was a lovely welcome.

The weather was drizzling and as the steam train was not quite ready we all went to the Anglian station cafe to wait until the train arrived and was ready. When the steam train arrived members were excited to see the train and looked forward to their journey.

The train engineers were happy to show members the engine. Photos were continuously taken. We boarded the steam train and completed our steam train journey which was really pleasant. It was then time for our afternoon tea. We all went back to the Anglian station cafe to find that the tables were all prepared for a Ritz style afternoon tea. Members were served with teas and coffees and lovely cakes. Kitchen staff including Dean were all helping to serve. Members all commented the excellent service.

It was a real pleasure to also meet the Station Manager John Appleton who was very pleased to meet us. As the plan was to also get a group photo together, John called all his staff and organised for a photo to be done next to the steam train. It was still raining slightly but this didn’t stop us.

Lisa got all the members together and all the Railway staff and engineers and kitchen staff all came out for the photo. It was so lovely. We were all now ready to board the train again but this time a diesel train to take us through Epping Forest.

It was a truly amazing journey through the forest. One of the members commented that it was like a Harry Potter experience. This was a truly perfect day.

Lisa would like to thank Dean and John and all the staff and engineers for looking after us throughout the afternoon. They were amazing and members had a really wonderful time.

Whilst chatting with John, John noticed Lisa’s pin badge with the Saracens logo and mentioned how supportive he is every year to the Foundation. He also suggested that he would be delighted to offer something similar to Saracens Foundation. Lisa informed John that she would certainly mention about the Epping Ongar Railway to Nigel Wray.

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