There were many members today and we also had 2 new members.

Lisa welcomed the members and then Mark gave members a fun quiz to do which was challenging as usual. Lisa then gave members a word ‘Television’ and asked them to try and make as many words as they could. Two of the members were successful in making the most words.

Fantastic amount of words from one word - 'Television'
Fantastic amount of words from one word - 'Television'

The session then followed with the arrival of Annalisa who gave members a variety of fun exercises which also included Lisa getting members to exercise with their favourite song ‘Coming Round The Mountain’.

Members were then ready for more fun when the music entertainer arrived. Members were up dancing and singing and one of the carers Jacqueline got up and led ‘The Macarena’ dance routine to a few other members. This dance was the rage in the 90’s. This was a very enjoyable session and everyone left happy.

Thank you to our volunteers today Melvyn, Carlos, Mark my husband and Trustee. Thank you also to our Rotarians Mollie, Ritu, and Dr Nandini. Also thanks to Beryl who was the premises manager but continues to attend to set up for us. We are very grateful.