Today's report from session leader Danielle:

A small group today, as reflected by the summer season, but we had a particularly fun time. The ‘Three Degrees’ from Rotary of Northwick Park, aka Helen, Ritu & Mollie, as ever, served up delicious cakes and kept the tea flowing.

Rotary of Edgware and Stanmore members, Danielle, Sonia & Nandini, as well as Beryl, who currently runs the hall, all got stuck in chatting and colouring in from Danielle’s fab 1960s groovy pattern book. Bernadette even found one of a woman’s face with flowing hair, reminding her of her days as a hairdresser.

Danielle’s fab 1960s groovy pattern book
Danielle’s fab 1960s groovy pattern book

Richard, our resident chair yoga trainer, introduced Dyna Band exercises to the activity group, followed by a special lesson of exercises for the core back strengthening, which Jacqueline especially benefited from. We were reminded by Lisa, who has had a 30-year career in fitness, of the importance of keeping physical but in a paced way!

Thanks to Rotarian Peter for coming along at closing time to help put chairs and tables away