It was a very hot and sunny day and the small number of members who came to the session had a fantastic time with a few surprises.

The session started by offering the members teas and coffee plus a piece of very nice cake that was brought by Dorothy.

Richard then did exercise yoga with the members. He surprised everybody by introducing small colourful beanbags as part of the exercise. Everybody had a lot of fun throwing then up and down and to each other. They asked that he brings these beanbags in future sessions.

Chair yoga with Richard using colourful beanbags
Chair yoga with Richard using colourful beanbags

The session then followed with James Le Bec singing his usual popular songs and all members had a lot of fun by singing and dancing. James then surprised everybody by doing his music quiz using playing cards instead of the usual big dice.

Thank you to our lady volunteers making teas and coffees; Dorothy and Brenda, from St John’s Church.Thank you to Dr Rebecca for taking blood pressures and our Rotarians John, Jim, Victor and Simon.