Today was a very busy session. We had about 50 people.

Lisa gave out a quiz for members to do during the session. Also provided members with different pictures for colouring. Lisa welcomed Ms Yael White who is an Occupational Therapist Volunteer from Jewish Care and also announced an outing on 7th July with steam trains.

We celebrated Helen’s birthday today in the usual fashion. Lisa also read out 2 jokes which everyone really loved. Our Doctor Angela then gave her doctors talk of the day which was about ‘itchy bottoms’.

Helen’s birthday
Helen’s birthday

Lisa then did some singing with members followed by their 3 music favourites which got members up and dancing. It was then time to announce the quiz answers and then it was Tovertafel time. There were some new members today who really enjoyed playing with Tovertafel.

Everyone left very happy. Thank you to Eleanor our volunteer for helping out today during the session. Thank you also to Mark and Dr Angela our 2 Trustees for helping.