Today was a fun packed session. Lisa first gave members a quiz to do and this was followed with an egg challenge.

Lisa had a few red Easter eggs left over. Each egg was placed in a plastic cup and Lisa asked those members that wanted to take part in the challenge to place it on top of their heads. The winner would be the person who could walk across the room and back without dropping the egg. There were 2 winners. Everyone thought it was great fun.

Lisa showing the members of Dementia Club UK how to balance the Red Easter Egg
Lisa showing the members of Dementia Club UK how to balance the Red Easter Egg

Richard then arrived to do Yoga and as usual members always enjoy this. The session then followed with Helen Tierney our musical entertainer who brought 3 musical instruments- the accordion, the harp and also a piano keyboard. Members were really looking forward to seeing Helen as they love the variety of songs she plays especially as she also relates the songs to memorable dates and themes.

On this occasion Helen also brought and introduced Alexis Leighton who is an actress. Alexis read some beautiful poems relating to Spring. The poetry and Helen’s music performance was both brilliant. Some members got up and danced. Valerie and Helen were a great duet singing together and Terry sang with a fantastic Frank Sinatra voice.

Thanks to our Rotary volunteers today - Valerie who is also one of our Trustees and Ian. Also thanks to Mark and Dr Angela our other Trustees. Thank you also to Risom who looks after members with refreshments.