We had a lovely session today at Stephen’s House & Gardens and it was a sunny afternoon.

Members all have Lanyards now with their name on and their choice of colour ribbon. Lisa has provided this for members instead of the usual stick on labels.

Everyone was enjoying the lovely variety of cakes and tea/coffee and chatting to start with. Lisa then introduced a quiz about Chefs. The questions were not easy but members did very well working in teams.

The session then followed with Richard taking the chair yoga exercise which everyone always enjoys. The last part of the session was social activities playing Putting Golf and darts and catching the ball.

Richard taking the chair yoga exercises
Richard taking the chair yoga exercises

Our thanks to Risson for helping to set up the room and serve the teas and cakes. Our thanks also to our Rotary volunteers- Dick, Ian and Adrian the President for helping during the session and also a thank you to Jeff and Theresa.