It was a pleasure to welcome Linda Gilling again for a second time.

Before introducing to start her presentation, Lisa talked to members about how to protect themselves from scamming. One of the members Brian informed members about his recent telephone call he received at his house which was a scam. Lisa then informed members that she has invited someone from Trading Standards to come and talk at the next session about Call Blocking.

Members were delighted to see Linda who began to do her presentation explaining the importance of healthy eating and also the importance of drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. It was interesting to learn that in some areas tap water has a strong chlorine smell but if you leave the water in the glass to stand for 5 minutes, the chlorine smell would be gone. A lot of people buy bottle water because of this reason.

Linda also brought with her a display board which displayed various food samples and drink cans and explained the sugar content for each product. Members were surprised with some of the sugar content. Linda also brought in lots of packets of Gluten Free biscuits and crackers which had very low sugar. These were distributed to all the members to try as another good alternative.

During the whole time whilst Linda was talking, Risson was replenishing the jugs of water on each table so that members were continually hydrated. Linda’s talk was very informative and delivered with great passion. We may see her again in the New Year with further health tips.

The session then continued with Eleanor introducing a new way to play Bingo with playing cards which everyone enjoyed. The session then followed with some social activities.

Our thanks to Risson for keeping members hydrated. Our thanks to our Rotarian volunteers, Valerie, Jeff, Sue, Kuljit, Michael, Ian and David who came with his wife Judith. Thank you also to Eleanor for her Bingo playing card game which members really enjoyed.