We are pleased to announce The Rotary Club of Elstree and Borehamwood Dementia Club will now be running autonomously sponsored by Dementia Club UK.

The following report is from Pat Strack session leader for Elstree and Borehamwood:

"We were pleased that we were joined by 5 new members yesterday. Pat Strack, Session leader, welcomed everyone and introduced the team Ann Goddard, Yvonne Harris Katie Murray, Marion Naylor, Eric Silver and Marijke Turner and the speaker of the session, Joy Watters. All were given a copy of the latest Town Crier magazine and we sold some BBC Band Concert tickets because of that.

After we all had enjoyed tea and cakes. Sara started her exercise session. This was very well received as usual Kind of underwater ethereal music in the ned we managed to add 6 sequences together. Just time for juice and water and finish the cakes before joy told us about help Carers can receive free of charge. She has the details for Hertfordshire but the same scheme operates country wide.

A new game was tried, Members were given a range of Victorian memorabilia the king of things they might have seen in grandparents and even parents homes in the past. A flt iron Stone hot water bottle, ink monitors bottle, Brownie camera, and a Victorian medicine bottle. Eric as a pharmacist and Ann intervened with their memories of blue ribbed glass bottles for poisons. we looked at some modern day equivalents Rubber hot water bottle Steam iron digital camera. Something to try again.

The Mayor, Eric had the joke book with some very corny jokes so bad that eventually Ann led the booing. We finished with some notices NSPCC Xmas Fayre 19/11/17 Ann Goddard is Chair of Barnet District branch. Our next session is 28/11/17 and the last session 12/11/17 will be our Christmas party. Everything was a little late as one of our members could not get into the car park. A huge lorry had blocked the way in 2 cars were parked in Tescos . Not a good start to the session. But a good time was had by all with plenty of volunteers to chat to members."