Today we all had interesting conversations about 'scams'. One of the carers has recently had a phone call pretending they were from the inland revenue informing the member they were being investigated for fraud and needed information from him. Luckily our member had good sense and put the phone down.

This led to a conversation where members described similar situations, Lisa passed on further safety tips from the Safer Neighbourhood Police team who reported new scams about car key fobs and their weaknesses. Eleanor showed members her RFID blocking wallet/case that prevents data being stolen from credit cards. Lisa also gave further safety tips ready for the Christmas season holiday.

We had a visitor from Ashford Place in Brent, Gabby Horecka, a Dementia Cafe coordinator who wanted to see how we run the club as she has had instructions to open more clubs in Brent.

The session continued with yoga exercise with Richard, some quizzes, singing and games.

All members enjoyed this informative session.