Pat and Sandra from the Rotary Club of Elstree and Borehamwood were session leaders today as Sasha was on holiday. There were 10 members today.

It was a pleasure to see Marion again from Tesco Borehamwood volunteering to help. It was also a pleasure to see our new DCUK GP Doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif. A few of the members had their blood pressures taken and also wanted to discuss some medical concerns.

I also provided advice and information to a few of the carers that approached me.

Pat started the session with a quiz. She gave members a copy of the new Town Crier magazine and they had to find the answers to the quiz from the magazine. Members didn’t get a chance to finish as it was time for Sarah to do the exercises with the members which they always enjoy.

The session then followed with Clare the singer who came and entertained members getting them to sing and some of them to dance. It was a very enjoyable session.

Pat provided the answers to the quiz and then the last part of the session, members were introduced to a few games. There was Putting golf, darts with Velcro balls, Tin Can Alley (stack the tins and throw the bean bags), 2 packs of playing cards and skittles. The Putting golf was the favourite.

Thank you to all our volunteers including Marijke, Eleanor and Patrick.