We were privileged that Steve Leader Borough Commander of Barnet London Fire Brigade came to give us a presentation about fire safety, the do's and don'ts and he also talked a little about the Grenfell Tower fire. Steve emphasised the importance of fire alarms in the homes and how they should be tested every 2 weeks. He also informed members that a Fire safety inspection can be done in their home for free and fire alarms fitted. Members were very grateful and found it very informative.

Steve Leader Borough Commander of Barnet London Fire Brigade presenting Fire Safety
Steve Leader Borough Commander of Barnet London Fire Brigade presenting Fire Safety

We also had some visitors today. We had NCS students again some of whom were the same students who visited recently. They heard that Dementia Club was coming to the Britannia centre venue and they all wanted to come and see us.

We had Anne Duggan from The Fremantle Trust. Lisa announced to members that The Fremantle Trust have proposed to sponsor Dementia Club UK to pay for the Britannia venue sessions for 12 months. Members we're delighted to hear the good news.

We also had John Michaelides from the Rotary Club of Barnet visit for the second time and informing us that the Rotary of Barnet are now nearly ready to proceed with the new venue in New Barnet. Another visitor was David Rose from Rotary club of Radlett. I was recently invited to speak at the Rotary club of Radlett and they are very interested also to set up a Dementia club in Radlett.

As today was the centenary of the battle of Passchendale, James, one of the carers had two poems to read to members one of which was called; Flanders Fields by John McCrae

The session then followed with James the Tai Chi instructor. NCS students were also joining in and James asked one of the students to help him demonstrate one of the movements. Members and NCS were exhausted after all the movements. For the last part of the session we did some singing and dancing and a short music quiz and then some social games activities.

We did not have any volunteers today but two of the carers, Marina and James helped during the session, my thanks to them.