This was an arts and crafts session today and lovely to see so many artistic talents.

Lisa welcomed everyone and explained the Greek Cypriot traditions with the eggs. Lisa boiled lots of white hard boiled eggs the night before and brought them in for members to paint.

She also explained how they can knock the eggs and play a challenging game. The egg that doesn’t get smashed is the winner.

Lizzy our volunteer also mentioned that in Northern Ireland they also have a similar tradition but eggs are rolled down a hill instead, the eggs not broken are put in a fairy circle to grow mushrooms. Everyone was very busy in this session concentrating on their art work.

We also did some singing with song sheets and Ernie one of the carers read out some funny short stories.

The last part of the session then followed with Tovertafel which everyone enjoys. Thank you to our volunteer Lizzy today who was very helpful throughout and Mark our Trustee and carers who always step in to help.