A very busy session as usual and unfortunately we only had one volunteer today – Annette. As always however a few of the carers step in at times like this which is so helpful.

Members arriving were pleased to see the Easter decorative tables with lots of chocolate Easter eggs and Easter cakes with sunflower stick decorations. They enjoyed eating their eggs and chatting over cups of tea and coffee whilst also doing an Easter word search and a quiz on the 1950’s to name some famous faces which members found very interesting.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and gave some programme updates reminding them also of the launch event of The Rotary Club of Hendon next Thursday 25th April. Zack from the BBC also attended today to meet and interview Lisa and chat about the forthcoming documentary which BBC is planning to start filming and showing in the summer.

Zack was also able to meet some of the previous members that had previously been interviewed and introduced to 2 other new families to be included in the documentary.

Peter Webb As Elvis then arrived and members were excited to see him as always. Elvis as usual was winning a lot of hearts around the room and there was lots of smiles and dancing.

A big thank you to our volunteer Annette and Marina one of the carers who worked very hard throughout the session today and of course Mark our Trustee who set up the room and was also very helpful throughout the session.

Lisa wished everyone a Happy Easter and Passover.