The session today was so busy more than ever with over 60 people. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the session reading some jokes which everyone enjoyed.

Lisa then introduced 2 visitors Harminder and Georgia from Argenti Care Technology PA Consultancy who came to show a number of their products which provide a lifeline to people giving them independence to live a normal life. Members asked a number of questions and a lot of interest was shown especially hearing their latest technology with Alexa and a watch which when warn can alert emergency services or family of someone’s fall which would work anywhere in the world.

The session then followed with a quiz reminiscing some interesting events in 1967. The year was chosen by members and some of the facts were very interesting. It was then time for some singing to various songs chosen by members and then followed by their usual favourite songs which gets members up dancing.

I would like to thank Melvyn, Mark and Arzu setting up and helping during-the session.




Dementia Club UK members enjoyed an outing today to The Clink Brixton prison restaurant. The weather was also surprisingly sunny and warm. This was a most unusual visit for members especially on Valentines Day. It was an amazing experience for members which was thoroughly enjoyed.

A full session as usual. As this was the day before Valentines Day, Lisa decorated the tables with table cloths and each table had a vase with flowers and Valentines balloons.

Members were pleasantly surprised as they arrived and walked into the room. Lisa welcomed everyone and then started the session with some jokes which members look forward to listening.

We also had 2 visitors today from Carlton Court Care home - Pam the activities coordinator and Pat one of the residents. Lisa then distributed to members some Valentine poems and asked various to members different verses.

Moshe the music entertainer then arrived and everyone had a really wonderful time singing and dancing. This was a very enjoyable Valentines session.

Thank you to our volunteers Melvyn and Dr Angela for all their help during the session. Thank you also to Mark for his help setting up and during the session.

Stephens House venue is always a favourite for members as they are always spoilt by Risom. The room is always prepared and ready with various teas and coffee and lovely cakes and Risom is always ready to serve the members as they arrive.

We had quite a few members today and also some Rotary members from Golders Green attended - Valerie who is also a Trustee, Dick, Kuljit with his wife Satwant and Ian.

Lisa started with a picture quiz asking members to identify names of various biscuits which they enjoyed. It was then time for exercises. As Richard was away today, Maxine Levy covered the chair yoga exercises.

The session then followed with music entertainment by Helen Tierney and as Valentines Day is in a few days time, Helen decided to play various love songs and everyone also sang and danced.

Everyone left very happy. Thank you again to Risom and the Rotarians and also to Mark the Trustee for helping Lisa with the session.

We had quite a few members today including some new members.

Lisa welcomed everyone and then started with a short picture quiz for members to identify movie titles. This was a little challenging but became easier with a little help from Mark.

Lisa then gave members some poems to read and asked members to read verses. Members enjoyed reading the poems.

Lisa then introduced Maria a visitor from McAlpine Care which is based in Barnet. Everyone welcomed her and she explained a little about the services they provide.

The session then followed with exercises led by Annalisa which is always very enjoyable and then followed with James Le Bec and his music entertainment and music quiz. Everyone had a lovely time singing and dancing.