This was our first session today and we had a small group of 6 people. Members who attended commented what a wonderful bright and large venue it is.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them a word search puzzle and some colouring to do which they found enjoyable whilst chatting and drinking their teas and coffees.

We were then joined by Richard who attended to do some chair yoga but one of the members was very keen to do more challenging exercises and therefore Richard ended up doing more standing up yoga. Everyone felt they really exercised well and it was nice to finish off with some deep breathing exercises with the eyes shut which was very relaxing.

The session then followed with Lisa playing some of the music favourites which everyone enjoyed singing and dancing to. Members also enjoyed some golf putting too. For a first session it was very successful.

Members always look forward to attending Stephen’s House & Gardens. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave some updates. We had 2 new members today.

Everyone then enjoyed chatting and doing a word search puzzle and some colouring which they enjoy. Risom was not helping with the teas today as he had other garden duties. We had a lady called Christine who was very helpful.

It was then time for some chair yoga and as Richard was away today, Karen Steadman attended to cover for Richard. Everyone enjoyed the exercises with Karen and most of all enjoyed throwing the bean bags across to each other.

The session then followed with Dennis who was able to get members up and dancing straight away. His choice of music is excellent and members really enjoy listening to Dennis.

Thank you to our volunteers today – Valerie (a Trustee and Rotarian), Ian and Michael from the Rotary Club and Mark (another Trustee). Everyone was so happy today and left with a smile.

Today we went to Monmouth Street in London to visit Hotel Chocolat. We learnt how chocolate was made then we had a tasting session in the basement. After this we bought some chocolate to take home. Everyone had a great time.

Chocolate tasting session in basement at Hotel Chocolat where we learnt how chocolate is made
Chocolate tasting session in basement at Hotel Chocolat where we learnt how chocolate is made


A small group today. It was a lovely surprise to see the room set up beautifully today by Annalisa. It was very welcoming and members arriving thought it was good change.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave out some word search puzzles and picture puzzles for everyone to do. This kept members very busy and enjoyed chatting amongst each other.

Jalpa also popped in to welcome everyone. Lisa then introduced a new game on the table called ‘Jenga’ which is a stacking blocks game. Mark stacked the blocks into a tower and the aim for each member was to try and pull out a single block without making it all collapse. This was quite challenging but very enjoyable. One of the Copthall staff Alex who was passing saw the game and couldn’t resist as he wanted to have a go too.

Annalisa then did some exercises with everyone and made them work hard. As James Le Bec the music entertainer was sick today, Lisa then brought out 2 fluffy balls and together with Annalisa introduced some ball catching games which members had great fun.

It was then time for some music and Lisa brought out a big dice and played a ‘Name that Tune’ game and each person who got the name of the song right then rolled the dice. Members then wanted to do some singing and dancing and therefore Lisa put on the music favourites and everyone got up in a circle and danced. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you to Annalisa for setting up and clearing away after. Thank you also to Stella one of the new volunteers who also came today to help and of course Mark who is always ready to help in every way.

Today was as usual a very busy session and a very fun and interesting session. Lisa welcomed everyone and announced various upcoming events. She then introduced some special visitors.

Everyone welcomed Mr Martin Russell – the Queen’s representative Deputy Lieutenant of Barnet. Lisa reminded members that the last time Martin attended to visit was on the 20th April 2016. Lisa invited Martin to say few words.

Lisa then introduced Cllr David Longstaff and reminded everyone that David was the Mayor of the Borough of Barnet in May 2016/2017 and he chose Dementia Club UK as one of his charities during his Mayoral year. Lisa informed everyone further that David is the Honorary Patron of Dementia Club UK. Lisa invited David to say a few words.

Lisa then introduced Neil Aitken (General Manager Operations) and Trent Simpson (Co-founder Head of Production) from The Wayback who came to do a presentation about their product. The Wayback is Virtual Reality series, designed to help persons living with dementia connect with their carers and loved ones. Neil and Trent explained the product to everyone and then passed round a Wayback box on each table for each person to view. The film was set at the time of The Queen’s Coronation and members were able to see for example a street party during that time period. Members found it very interesting and this triggered some memories and conversations.

The web address of The Wayback is

The session then continued with Lisa reading some jokes which everyone really enjoys and then the Tovertafel was set up. Some new games have recently been installed and the game that was enjoyed the most was football as members enjoyed the challenge of scoring goals.

For the last part of the session, Lisa played some of the music favourites and this as always gets members to start singing and dancing. Everyone had such a great time and left with plenty of smiles. My thanks to my volunteers Melvyn, Dr Angela, Melissa, Marina and Mark for all their help.