As usual a very busy session. Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced some new games on each table today which were very challenging and enjoyable. Members still also enjoy their word searches and the water colour painting too.

Lisa then made a couple of birthday announcements to 2 members who missed the sessions on their birthdays – Milan one of our youngest who was 54 years of age and Maria De Vito was 83 years of age. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to them. We also had another birthday to celebrate today in the usual DCUK fashion as it was Brian’s birthday on the 22nd September and he was 83 years old.

The session then followed with Lisa giving members some chair exercises and playing the 3 famous songs which all members enjoy singing and dancing. The final part of the session is the Tovertafel which everyone really enjoys especially the football game.

Thank you to our volunteers today – Melvyn, Angela our new volunteer, Arzu and Eric from the Barnet Walking Football Team.

A small number attended today but it was an enjoyable session. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave out some quizzes on each table for members to do whilst members enjoyed their teas/coffees and biscuits. Lisa also brought out the games today – Putting Golf and magnetic darts which some members enjoyed playing.

Richard our Yoga instructor then arrived and as usual everyone enjoys the chair yoga exercises as Richard makes then fun. Our doctor Rebecca also attended today and some members took the opportunity to have their blood pressures taken. When Richard finished the exercises Dr Rebecca then announced to everyone that it was important to have their flu jab.

The session then followed with some music entertainment with Wayne from ‘Timeless Performers’. Members enjoyed the music and some also were up and dancing.

Thank you to our Rotarians – John, Malcolm and Jim. Andrew the Church Warden and also to our ladies Brenda and Sue in the kitchen looking after our members with their teas/coffees.

Tables and chairs were already set up today as I arrived which was a lovely surprise – thank you to our volunteers.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave out some lovely little pastries which she had bought from her recent trip to Morocco. Members as usual enjoy their teas and coffees and cakes and chatting to each other and Lisa keeps them busy with word searches and other quizzes and also water colour painting which has become a real favourite.

It was then time for some exercise when Joanna arrived. This is the time when members are shown ways of relaxation through breathing techniques and also whole body movements. This is called Chi Kung exercises and members always feel re energised after.

Lisa then welcomed Ronnie our music entertainer who is always a great hit with members. As one of our member’s birthday – John was going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow the 24th, Lisa brought a cake to celebrate his birthday in the usual DCUK fashion. John was very happy and was also up and dancing later.

Everyone had an enjoyable time singing and dancing and Terry also took to the microphone to do some singing.

This was the first session after the launch and we had about 15 members which also included some people from the local community.

Lisa set up a few games as members were arriving and one of the members who used to be a keen golfer decided to try the Putting Golf which he enjoyed.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and started with playing the music ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain’ which got everyone singing.

This was followed by a quick game of calling out a couple of words from a sentence which made up a SAYING and asking everyone to complete the sentence for example – An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

It was then time for James Le Bec our music entertainer who as usual gets everyone excited. He played some music which stirred up memories and then followed with his special quiz of name that song. His dice is also a great favourite as members enjoy throwing it to try and get a six. There’s always a way of course to help the dice land with a six!

Everyone always enjoys the session with James. The session then followed with some OM interactive and those members who did not see the OM interactive before were very impressed by the variety of games.

It was lovely to see smiles and joy around the table. A very successful first session.

Thank you to all the Carlton Court carers and activities coordinators who helped throughout the session and thank you also to Mark and Lisa.

We want to thank Sunil one of our members for the following email which describes our day out :

Once again Lisa organised a wonderful outing this time to the Ruislip Lido for some 35 members of Dementia Club UK.

Awaiting for us was the 12 inch gauge miniature diesel train to take us through beautiful woodlands to the sandy Lido the only beach in London and our restaurant where we enjoyed a splendid lunch.

Then it was free time to explore or wander around the stunning views surrounding the Lake amongst the swans and ducks and locals walking their dogs or enjoy an ice cream.

Fittingly it was Donna and Brian’s 54th wedding anniversary which was celebrated with a cake in the restaurant.

After a pleasant day the train took us back to the coach. Every one was very friendly and got on with each other. With our thanks to Lisa and Mark.

With all good wishes