Todays session was run by Justine:

"Our members were served tea, coffee and lovely biscuits & cake at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other.

A lovely lady called Jane did some fun exercises with our members which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

This was followed by a lively session of entertainment provided by the very talented James LeBec. James sang a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. He also did a music quiz and our members had to guess the name of the song! It was great fun! The atmosphere was fantastic!

After James left, the members continued to chat and there was also table tennis & darts for those that wanted to play! 22 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of six helpers from the synagogue who were:- Justine, Gilda, Stephen, Caroline, Dot & Judy."

This session was run by Charlyn of the Rotary Club of Hendon::

"The cold weather didn't dampen the mood of all who attended the Dementia Club UK session yesterday 31st Jan at Hendon Town Hall run by Rotary Club of Hendon. Members and volunteers from the club had fun as usual.

Eon our ever motivational exercise guru was present to put us all through our paces with soft and not so soft routines.

The afternoon ended with professional singer/musician James Bernard with his incredible melodic voice performed songs that got but members and volunteers on our feet. The afternoon was truly enjoyable. Well done to those who were able to attend despite the Met Office snow predictions!.

Monique, Mel and James Bernard
Monique, Mel and James Bernard

My thanks to volunteers Alex, Michelle & Eugenia from the Rotary Club of Hendon and Justine, Annette Mark & Lisa and Julie the Town Hall custodian."

This was a busy session as usual despite the cold weather. Lisa welcomed everyone and then gave them a quiz to do about Food and Drink which they found very interesting.

Lisa then introduced a new volunteer Lizzy and a visitor – Naomi Byrne, an Occupational Therapist from Edgware Community Hospital. Naomi introduced herself and said a few words about the services she provides which can really help people who need changes in their homes for example.

The session then followed with some singing from Lisa’s song sheets. Everyone was very happy to sing this afternoon and picking their favourite songs. There was also some dancing.

It was then time for the last part of the session for some Tovertafel. Our new members were very excited to play and had great fun. Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to my volunteers – Eleanor, Melvyn, Lizzy and Mark for all their help.

This was the first session for 2019. We had a very good attendance, 28 clients attended including 18 from members of Friends in Need. We had two new persons that became members of Dementia Club UK.

The session started as usual with members chatting and enjoying their teas, coffees, biscuits and cakes. Simon our Rotary quiz master then distributed his quiz, which consisted of 20 general questions. The members enjoyed the quiz and did really well, one of the members had 17 out of 20 correct answers.

After the quiz Richard, our yoga exercises teacher, did about 30 minutes of chair yoga exercises. All attendees joined in and had an enjoyable time.

The session then followed with our entertainer Ronnie who sang some old-time favourites. Members enjoyed listening to his songs and joined in singing and dancing. Ronnie got members into a circle to dance. It was a very enjoyable session. Members Dancing to Ronnie’s songs

Dancing to Ronnie
Dancing to Ronnie

Thank you to our church volunteers making teas and coffees, setting up the venue and making the necessary preparations for the sessions; Dorothy, Brenda and Andrew. Thank you to our Rotarians from Barnet; Jim (President), John, Victor and Simon. Many thanks to our Doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif. Also, thanks to Mark and Lisa, Chairman of Dementia Club UK, for their continuous support making the Dementia Club at St John’s Church successful.

We had quite a few members today despite the cold weather. Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them of the new venue in Borehamwood and other news.

Lisa then gave members a quiz to do in their teams. This was a ‘Did you Know multiple questions’ which is not only interesting facts but also enjoyable.

The session then followed with two new instructors – Paul Flavell and Joanna Barnes showing members Chi Kung which is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training. Everyone enjoyed the exercises and felt that they had really worked out. Joanna will be attending all future sessions and members are looking forward to seeing her again.

The session then followed with Ronnie who provided members with musical entertainment. Ronnie knows all the favourite songs and today he also introduced and got members into a circle to dance. It was a very enjoyable session.

My thanks to all the volunteers and also some of the carers who always like to offer and help.