I was delighted to be invited by Rotary Club Hendon to their meeting on Monday 20th August at The Brent Cross Holiday Inn to speak about dementia and Dementia Club UK.

It was a pleasure to meet all the other Rotarians who made me feel very welcomed.

After my speech, they were interested to ask me questions as they felt very moved with how dementia affects people in society. I was then nicely surprised to be presented with a cheque by the President which I am very grateful.

Eugenia Dike President of the Rotary Club of Hendon presenting a cheque to Lisa
Eugenia Dike President of the Rotary Club of Hendon presenting a cheque to Lisa

This was our second session at Allum Manor and it was a sunny warm afternoon. In fact members who came early enjoyed sitting in the sunshine on the benches outside.

When members were settled with their teas and cakes, Mark (Trustee) did a quiz which members really enjoyed and as usual were competing with each table.

Richard then arrived and members were ready to start their chair yoga exercises which also included some exercise games with bean bags.

Members were then ready and to welcome Moshe with his music entertainment and as usual Moshe got members up and dancing and some members wanted to sing some of their favourite songs. We didn’t have a big group today but members who attended really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to Mark for helping throughout the session.

Today's report from session leader Danielle:

A small group today, as reflected by the summer season, but we had a particularly fun time. The ‘Three Degrees’ from Rotary of Northwick Park, aka Helen, Ritu & Mollie, as ever, served up delicious cakes and kept the tea flowing.

Rotary of Edgware and Stanmore members, Danielle, Sonia & Nandini, as well as Beryl, who currently runs the hall, all got stuck in chatting and colouring in from Danielle’s fab 1960s groovy pattern book. Bernadette even found one of a woman’s face with flowing hair, reminding her of her days as a hairdresser.

Danielle’s fab 1960s groovy pattern book
Danielle’s fab 1960s groovy pattern book

Richard, our resident chair yoga trainer, introduced Dyna Band exercises to the activity group, followed by a special lesson of exercises for the core back strengthening, which Jacqueline especially benefited from. We were reminded by Lisa, who has had a 30-year career in fitness, of the importance of keeping physical but in a paced way!

Thanks to Rotarian Peter for coming along at closing time to help put chairs and tables away

Today’s meeting, which was led by Eleanor, was very well attended, in fact we had a full house!

We were all very pleased to be joined by two very special young guests, Dr Angela’s grandchildren, James and Rowena. They had all been to see the film, The Wind in the Willows and, to everyone’s delight, James and Rowena acted out some of the characters and asked us to guess who they were. It was great fun!

Eleanor then did a music quiz. As well as identifying each song from a list everyone was given, members were asked to name the singer. There was fierce competition to see who could name the song and singer first and it was lovely to see so many people enjoying the music.

Eleanor’s sessions wouldn’t be complete without a game of card bingo and we finished with a general knowledge quiz. We have some extremely knowledgeable members at our Finchley Group!

Thank you to Dr Angela and Melvyn, who provided invaluable support, and to those members who very kindly helped with the washing up.

We had a very busy session with 31 members. After everyone settled with their teas, Lisa introduced Mark, one of the Trustees to start the quiz. Everyone looks forward to the quiz especially as each table becomes very competitive.

Richard then arrived to do the Chair Yoga with members. Richard always makes it not only challenging but very enjoyable. In fact members had overtime today because they wanted more.

Chair Yoga with Richard
Chair Yoga with Richard


Lisa had a poem today called ‘The True Meaning of Life’ As it had 11 verses, she got different members to read each verse. Everyone enjoyed reading the poem.

Lisa then played some of the usual music favourites which gets everyone singing and up dancing. It was near the end of the session and David one of the Golders Green Rotarians then told a joke which made members laugh.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to my Volunteers – Mark, Rotarians Michael, David and Dick for attending and helping. Also thank you to Risom who is always so helpful.