Whilst Mark was at Brent Cross Lisa was busy setting up for the dementia club and as usual it was a very busy session.

Lisa had to set up the tables and chairs by herself today but she was happy to see a few of the volunteers arrive later. Lisa played some Christmas songs today as members arrived and when they were settled with their teas/coffees and cakes,

Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some updates. Lisa also had some short story jokes today and read one of them which got everyone laughing. We had different music entertainment today. Lisa invited Rachelle Goldberg who brought her electric violin. It was certainly unusual from a normal looking violin. Rachelle played it beautifully and played some very well-known songs that members were familiar with and able to sing along.

Thank you Rachelle for coming to the Finchley Memorial Hospital dementia club. It was lovely that Rachelle stayed for the rest of the session and members were delighted.

The session followed with Bingo which is a popular game which members enjoy playing especially as Lisa has prizes to give out. The Full House was won by Joan today and she received a lovely prize – a Santa cosmetic zip bag which Joan was very pleased.

Everyone had a lovely afternoon. Mark was missed but thank you to the volunteers Dr Angela, Angela Chen and Melissa.

We are delighted that Boots Brent Cross Pre-Registration Pharmacists had chosen Dementia Club UK as their dementia awareness project. Boots Brent Cross store manager Kunjal Sutaria was always very supportive in previous years when our charity had dementia awareness days in the Centre part of Brent Cross.

Henal Ramgi, Abdi Omar, Mira Chotai, Jona Mulla, Soma Sadood & Lisa
Henal Ramgi, Abdi Omar, Mira Chotai, Jona Mulla, Soma Sadood & Lisa

Lisa and Mark brought the OM interactive game system which we set up at 10.00am at the entrance of the Boots Brent Cross shop. We were then met by 5 Boots pre-registration pharmacists who were there to help on the day.

As the day got busier we had quite a few people showing interest in the OM interactive game system especially the children. A few people also took some details about the charity and wanted some advice which Lisa was able to provide. Lisa stayed there for 2 hours and then had to leave as she had to go and set up the dementia club at the Finchley Memorial Hospital.

It was a very successful day and some money was also raised through collection. Thank you to all of the pre-registration pharmacists who made the day successful;

  • Henal Ramgi from Boots Brent Cross
  • Mira Chotai from Boots Edmonton Green
  • Soma Sadood from Boots Camden
  • Jona Mulla from Boots Kentish Town
  • Abdi Omar from Boots Enfield Town

Also thank you to Uday Mistry – Deputy Manager of Boots Brent Cross.

Dementia Club UK would like to wish all the pre-registration pharmacists the best of luck for their future.

The room was decorated beautifully by Rotarians Helen and Mollie and they made sure it looked festive as members arrived. As usual, fresh tea was in the pot and delicious biscuits and cakes on the tables.

Helen brought some musical Christmas characters which sang and danced on the tables as members were enjoying their teas and coffees and cakes which made everyone laugh. Members were also kept busy with Rotarian Danielle’s colouring in sheets which everyone enjoyed colouring with coloured crayons. Some beautiful pictures were produced.

This then followed with Danielle’s general knowledge quiz which provided much chat and laughter. Kevin and Mabel’s lovely friend Simone, was banned from answering too many questions correctly ! Singer, James Bernard then arrived and Lisa introduced James. He gave us all a fantastic performance. Rotary Club President of Hendon Eugenia joined us today and was soon on the dance floor with one of the members Irene.

It was good to see members Luigi and Adriana back, after a few months away in Italy and as ever, delighted to be joined by members Rita and Carlis.

Thanks to everyone for making this a particularly fun occasion. Thank you to Mark and Suresh for helping with moving tables and chairs and tidying. Also thank you to Lisa for her hard work producing the new flyers and programmes.

As this is our last session for this year I would like to wish everyone seasonal greetings and see you in the New Year.

Our monthly Dementia Club UK session was held on the 2nd December at Sha’arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone and led by Justine.

Our members were served tea, coffee, delicious biscuits and cake at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other. Our members then participated in an exercise session which was lead by the lovely Jane. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was Connie, one of our member's birthday and we gave her a birthday cake and sang 'Happy Birthday' to her!

James LeBec, our wonderful entertainer, has decided to retire from his London gigs and therefore we would not be seeing him anymore! Lisa, Chairman of Dementia Club UK, presented James & Joy - his partner - with gifts from everyone at Dementia Club UK. We are all very sad, but also extremely grateful for the wonderful performances, fun and much laughter that they have provided to DCUK!

We wish them both good health and happiness in the future. James entertained our members with a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. He also did a music quiz and our members had to guess the name of the song! It was very funny & very competitive! 24 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of five helpers from the synagogue who were:- Justine, Stephen, Caroline, Dot & Judy.

It was good to see quite a few members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and then introduced Muz who came by himself today. Muz has been visiting all the dementia club venues. The session first started with a quiz which Muz had prepared.

Members enjoyed doing the quiz whilst chatting and drinking their teas /coffees and cakes. Richard then arrived to do the chair yoga. Mark had already set up the chairs for the exercise and members were therefore able to take their seats quickly. As usual Richard got the members working all parts of their body whilst also making it fun.

After the exercise, Muz then invited all the members to sit around some small table tennis tables which were already set up with lots of colourful cups. Muz explained the games and members were soon enjoying rolling and bating balls across each other. Some of the games were challenging and even the Rotarians were eager to play. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you to Muz for showing members such wonderful games. Thank you to the Rotarians – Jeanette, Jane, Desmond and Bobsie. It was also nice to see Theresa attending to volunteer and of course thank you to Mark for helping Muz to set up and also set up all the tables and chairs.