Our monthly Dementia Club UK session was held on the 3rd June at Sha’arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone.

Our members were served tea, coffee, lovely biscuits and cake at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other.

We had a visitor, Sue Leap who is from The Dr French Memorial Home in North Finchley. She wanted to see how our sessions are run and she seemed very impressed!

Justine Khedoory was presented with an Accreditation Certificate from our Chairman, Lisa Rutter. This was for completing her training for Session Leader and leading a successful Dementia Club. Justine was very surprised and equally chuffed! This is the first certificate awarded.

We had two birthdays to celebrate! One was for our fabulous volunteer, Gilda, whose birthday is tomorrow and the second was for the lovely Joan, one of our carers, whose birthday is today. They were both presented with a birthday cake and sparklers and we all sang Happy Birthday to them and made a big fuss! It was great!

Our members then had a good time taking part in some lively exercises with the talented Jane. This was followed by a great session of entertainment provided by the very talented James LeBec. James sang a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. He also did a music quiz and our members had to guess the name of the song! It was great fun! The atmosphere was fantastic!

After James left, the members continued to chat and there was also table tennis, golf and darts for those that wanted to play! 18 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of seven helpers from the synagogue who were:- Justine, Gilda, Stephen, Caroline, Keith, Dot & Judy.

This is a new venue and I am pleased that we have quite a few new members from the area. It was also nice to see some of our other members from the other dementia clubs attend and also some of the volunteers – Sarah, Theresa and Risom also attended.

We also had some visitors from the Rotary Club of Mill Hill. Lisa started with a quiz reading some questions from a particular year chosen by one of the members. These questions are always nice as they bring up some memories and discussions amongst the members.

It was then time for the Zimmerettes who came to perform for us today. As usual they were fantastic and it was nice to see some new routines. Everyone really enjoyed seeing the Zimmerettes and everyone got up to dance including the Rotary Club President Desmond.

Everyone had a very enjoyable time. Thank you to our volunteers

Finally good weather came upon us and we could see and feel the enthusiasm and cheerful disposition of members at today’s Dementia Club UK session at the Hendon Town Hall.

Refreshments were served; members enjoyed some colouring activities followed by quizzes. We had such an intelligent group who got correct answers to very difficult questions. Well done to all the members’, carers and volunteers.

Eon our exercise guru arrived shortly and swiftly put us through our paces. For the first time Eon introduced the use of resistance mobility exercise bands in his routine which everybody present truly enjoyed as it was something different.

We welcomed back Dennis a seasoned musician to Dementia Club UK- Hendon Town Hall. Dennis performed different genre of music to the delight members, carers and volunteers who danced, sang along with pleasure.

A special thanks goes out to volunteers from Rotary Club of Hendon Charlyn and Eugenia the session leaders and of course thank you to Lisa the Chairman who was also present.

A busy session as usual. It was a nice surprise to see Risom today, a volunteer from Stephen’s House and Gardens who came to help. We also had our Doctor Angela. Members always enjoy a chat when they meet and Lisa keeps them busy with Word search and quizzes. Lisa then welcomed everyone and announced a birthday. It was Laurie’s 96th birthday and Lisa made sure it was celebrated the special Dementia Club UK way.

The session then followed with singing and dancing to some of the favourite songs and then followed with a game of Tovertafel which everyone always enjoys.

Our Dementia Club at St John’s church was very well attended today, we had 28 attendees, including 18 members and carers from Friends in Need.

The session started as usual with members chatting and enjoying their teas, coffees and biscuits.

The quiz questions were then distributed to all the tables. The quiz consisted of 12 questions with the answers relating to colours. Everybody enjoyed the quiz especially when the answers that were given in the answers sheet did not match the questions.

After the quiz we had a new yoga teacher, Sue, that did about 30 minutes of exercises. Sue did very well and made everybody to join in and enjoy the exercises.

The yoga session was then followed with our entertainer James Le Bec who sang his usual songs some of which were selected by the members. James then asked the members to identify various songs and when they guessed them correctly, they were asked to throw a large dice to get points. The members managed to identify all 10 songs and they got a total of 101 points, which were above all previous clubs. The members enjoyed listening to James’s songs and joined in singing and dancing. Members Dancing to James’s songs.

Members Dancing to James’s songs
Members Dancing to James’s songs

Thank you to our church volunteers for making teas and coffees, setting up the venue and making the necessary preparations for the session; Dorothy and Sue. Thank you also to our Rotarians from Barnet; Jim (President), John, Malcolm, Simon and Victor. Also thank you to Lisa the Chairman of Dementia Club UK, for her continuous support making the Dementia Club at St John’s Church so successful.