An extremely hot day today which meant not as many members but it was still a very busy session.

Lisa welcomed everyone and reminded everyone of the importance to keep well hydrated.

We also had 3 visitors today from BETTER Kentish Town Sports Centre. We had Andrew Gilbert, Tom Popsys and Adriana Duarte. They had already seen a dementia club session at Barnet Copthall and were interested to also see a dementia club at the Finchley Memorial Hospital with intentions to join in association with Dementia Club UK similar to Barnet Copthall.

As usual Lisa prepared and gave members a quiz to work together as a team on each table. The quiz was to name some of the important buildings around the world and also to name the cities they were in. It was challenging as usual but Lisa provided some clues which helped.

Andy, Tom and Adriana didn’t waste time and joined in with the members to help and they sat and chatted with everyone. Lisa then read some jokes and Ernie had 2 poems to read to us and also sang a Irish song. This also prompted some of our other members to sing and join in.

Lisa then distributed copies of a poem called ‘A Simple Hug’ and as there were 6 verses, Lisa got one person from each table to read a verse. This is a favourite poem as everyone likes to hug each other after.

Lisa then played the 3 favourite songs which got some of the members up to dance and this was followed with Lisa getting members to do some chair exercises and counting in different languages.

It was then time for Tovertafel and Lisa introduced the Tovertafel to our visitors. They really enjoyed all the various games especially the football and the train. Everyone had a lovely time.

Thank you to my volunteers Melvyn and Angela.

I was delighted to attend Christchurch Southgate to receive a cheque from Father Chrichton from money’s raised at the May Day Fair.

Finchley Memorial Hospital today was busier than ever. As members arrived and sat down to have their teas and coffees and cakes, they were busy chatting amongst each other and also doing the quizzes that Lisa had prepared and left on the tables. They had word searches, a crossword and another quiz to work together as a group.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and also gave a special welcome to the volunteers Annette who had just come back from Nigeria as her father recently passed away, Dr Angela with her friend Melissa, Angela, Lizzy and Melvyn. It was good to have quite a few volunteers especially at a busy session.

Lisa also gave a special welcome to Kevin’s family from New York – Ruth and Maggi. Kevin the carer for his mother in law Mable came today with his wife Olivia. Kevin always offers to help during the sessions which Lisa is grateful.

Lisa then announced a birthday of one of the members. It was Krishna’s birthday today and she was 82 years old. Birthdays always follow the tradition of a firework candle on a cake and Krishna was so happy to see this and then blow her candle.

Lisa then introduced a singer – Yuri Sabatini, an Italian Tenor. His voice was amazing. Yuri interacted with the members and sang a few popular opera songs like ‘Maria’ , Edelweiss and ‘Oh what a beautiful Morning’. Yuri had a standing ovation with cheers.

Everyone had a fabulous afternoon and there were many smiles and thanks you to Yuri as members were leaving.

As this is still a new venue we only had a few members today. We were very pleased to be joined by Rotary Club of Elstree & Borehamwood – Cynthia, Charles, Peter and his son Chiloong.

Members wanted to chat whilst having tea/coffee and biscuits. We had some very interesting chats. We were then very pleased to also be joined by the President of the Rotary Club Clive Butchins who came with his wife Elaine and his 2 year old daughter Emily.

The session then followed with Lisa’s chair exercises with a few challenging stand up exercises and push ups against the wall. Everyone joined in including little Emily who was finding it very funny. Lisa then played the 3 favourite songs ‘Coming Round the Mountain’ , ‘The Birdy Song’ and ‘The Hokey Cokey’ which got everyone up singing and dancing.

It was an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you to all our Rotarian volunteers who were great with members.

Pictures to follow...

A very busy session as usual. Members settled with their teas and cakes and Lisa provided them with quiz which kept them busy. Lisa then welcomed everyone and announced 3 trips she is organising very soon which got everyone excited.

She then surprised one of the members with a birthday cake. It was Rosita’s 88th birthday and this was celebrated in the usual dementia club way. Rosita was so happy she was also overwhelmed.

The session then followed with a game of ‘Family Fortunes’. Lisa had some help from Kevin one of the carers calling the questions. This game is always good fun as it encourages chatting amongst members for the answers.

The session followed with some singing from the song sheets and then Tovertafel which never fails to surprise and excite members.

Thank you to our volunteers Lizzy, Angela, Dr Angela, Melvyn, Arzu and of course Mark.

Pictures to follow....