It was a pleasure to welcome Linda Gilling again for a second time.

Before introducing to start her presentation, Lisa talked to members about how to protect themselves from scamming. One of the members Brian informed members about his recent telephone call he received at his house which was a scam. Lisa then informed members that she has invited someone from Trading Standards to come and talk at the next session about Call Blocking.

Members were delighted to see Linda who began to do her presentation explaining the importance of healthy eating and also the importance of drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. It was interesting to learn that in some areas tap water has a strong chlorine smell but if you leave the water in the glass to stand for 5 minutes, the chlorine smell would be gone. A lot of people buy bottle water because of this reason.

Linda also brought with her a display board which displayed various food samples and drink cans and explained the sugar content for each product. Members were surprised with some of the sugar content. Linda also brought in lots of packets of Gluten Free biscuits and crackers which had very low sugar. These were distributed to all the members to try as another good alternative.

During the whole time whilst Linda was talking, Risson was replenishing the jugs of water on each table so that members were continually hydrated. Linda’s talk was very informative and delivered with great passion. We may see her again in the New Year with further health tips.

The session then continued with Eleanor introducing a new way to play Bingo with playing cards which everyone enjoyed. The session then followed with some social activities.

Our thanks to Risson for keeping members hydrated. Our thanks to our Rotarian volunteers, Valerie, Jeff, Sue, Kuljit, Michael, Ian and David who came with his wife Judith. Thank you also to Eleanor for her Bingo playing card game which members really enjoyed.

We are honoured that our friends at the Ionian Clarinet Choir are having their Winter Concert in aid of Dementia Club UK at St Andrews Church, Southgate on Saturday 25th November 2017, 7.30pm CONDUCTOR Ian Rogers.

Two weeks to go.... get your tickets... contact Lisa or contact Susan Young at the ICC.

Tickets £7 (under 16s free) and will be available at the door. You can also purchase tickets in advance by contacting

Susan Young / Tel: 020 8449 9568 / Mob: 07956 246777

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ionian Clarinet Choir Winter Concert
Ionian Clarinet Choir Winter Concert

We started the session today with a quiz naming the A List Celebrities. I gave them the first names and they had to guess the surname.

I also introduced our visitor Andrea Hutter informing them that later this month Andrea will be Ladies Captain at South Herts Golf Club and has nominated Dementia Club UK as her charity for the year. Members were delighted to hear this news.

One of the Carers then James read 2 poems about Remembrance Sunday. The session then followed with chair yoga exercise with Richard. Andrea was also pleased to join in. The session then followed with some singing and as usual the social activities.

One of the members came across this safety device - a locking cooker valve which might be useful to others, see video below:

What is a locking cooker valve? from Cadent on Vimeo.

Chair exercises with Richard, watched by Andrea Hutter (sitting near the door).
Chair exercises with Richard, watched by Andrea Hutter (sitting near the door).

"As usual, we enjoyed the entertainment from James le Bec and he was ably supported by one of our guests who gave a wonderful spontaneous rendition of a Frank Sinatra song.

One of our members singing a Frank Sinatra song
One of our members singing a Frank Sinatra song

We also danced and sang our way through all the old favourites. We were joined by a group of potential volunteers hoping to start their own group and who also joined in the activities We played games, had a quiz and look forward to seeing our friends on December 4th.”

Report from session leader Gilda

We also had visitors today from Rotary Club of Edgware and Stanmore - Danielle Benson President of Rotary Club of Edgware and Stanmore and other Rotarians - Dr Nandini Varma, Mrs Sonia Hirsh and Peter Bradley. They attended to observe how a session is run with the view of setting up a similar dementia club in association with Dementia Club UK. They enjoyed watching the session.

Lisa spoke at St Katherine's Church about how Dementia Club UK can help sufferers of Dementia and their carers
Lisa spoke at St Katherine's Church about how Dementia Club UK can help sufferers of Dementia and their carers. She was joined by a few of the members who helped to distribute some leaflets.