Today was our second session and first session in association with Edgware & Stanmore and Northwick Park. It was a lovely warm day and we had quite a few members attend.

Lisa welcomed everyone including our Rotarians from both clubs. Mollie, Helen, June, Lucile and Ritu all from Rotary Club Northwick Park and from Rotary Club Edgware & Stanmore - Danielle, Dr Nandini, Fran, Selwyn and Mrinal Choudhury.

Richard taking yoga which was enjoyed by all
Richard taking yoga which was enjoyed by all

It was also a real pleasure to see one of our regular volunteers Theresa and also one of the Trustees Dr Angela Parker who attended with her friend Melissa.

Lisa started with a quiz and informed members that she would provide the answers at the end. Lisa then read out 3 jokes which members really enjoyed and then Lisa introduced Dr Angela who gave a talk to members about shingles. This was however introduced in the form of a quiz and members were given picture cards and beach stones to try and guess what Dr Angela was going to talk about. After some thought one of the members guessed it was ‘shingles’.

The following is a note from Dr Angela Parker about Shingles

“Shingles, lovely on the roof as tiles, on the beach as beautiful soft pebbles but really not very nice on the skin as an illness with blistering spots and long term pain caused by nerve damage. Dr Parker introduced this diagnosis, and discussed the immunisation which provides some protection against shingles. The jab Zostavax is available free to restricted age groups under the NHS. The news of a new vaccine which is thought to give better protection to a wider range of ages is very welcome and we all look forward to it being evaluated quickly by the Public Health departments and hopefully being made freely available to older people.”

The following links take you to patients UK Shingles info sheet;

Members were very grateful for this information from Dr Angela.

Richard then arrived and members were ready for their yoga which was really enjoyed by all. The session then followed with Ronnie who entertained everyone with his lovely music and everyone was up and dancing. Lisa also had some games around the room which some members enjoyed especially ball catching and Putting golf.

It was a very successful enjoyable session and thank you to all our volunteers for their help during the session.

Today was a fun packed session. Lisa first gave members a quiz to do and this was followed with an egg challenge.

Lisa had a few red Easter eggs left over. Each egg was placed in a plastic cup and Lisa asked those members that wanted to take part in the challenge to place it on top of their heads. The winner would be the person who could walk across the room and back without dropping the egg. There were 2 winners. Everyone thought it was great fun.

Lisa showing the members of Dementia Club UK how to balance the Red Easter Egg
Lisa showing the members of Dementia Club UK how to balance the Red Easter Egg

Richard then arrived to do Yoga and as usual members always enjoy this. The session then followed with Helen Tierney our musical entertainer who brought 3 musical instruments- the accordion, the harp and also a piano keyboard. Members were really looking forward to seeing Helen as they love the variety of songs she plays especially as she also relates the songs to memorable dates and themes.

On this occasion Helen also brought and introduced Alexis Leighton who is an actress. Alexis read some beautiful poems relating to Spring. The poetry and Helen’s music performance was both brilliant. Some members got up and danced. Valerie and Helen were a great duet singing together and Terry sang with a fantastic Frank Sinatra voice.

Thanks to our Rotary volunteers today - Valerie who is also one of our Trustees and Ian. Also thanks to Mark and Dr Angela our other Trustees. Thank you also to Risom who looks after members with refreshments.


Dr Angela was leading the session today and she also brought a friend called Melpomene a.k.a. Mellissa from Australia. There were a lot of members as usual. Angela started the session with a First Aid quiz which everybody enjoyed and learnt some vital First Aid by a Doctor. She also did some reminiscing games that brought back lots of memories.

Moshe then arrived and was ready to entertain the members in his usual fashion. Melissa, Eva, Karish and Valerie got everybody up and dancing.

My thanks to all the volunteers who attended; Melvin, Valerie, Kevin and our 2 students Eva and Karish.

Barnet FC Walking Football Team cheque presentation
Barnet FC Walking Football Team cheque presentation

Cllr Lisa Rutter founder and chairman of Dementia Club UK which is a registered charity wants to thank Barnet Walking Football Team for fund raising £600.00 during the evening on 21st March 2018 at the Hive home of Barnet FC. The team attended the Dementia Club session at Sha'arei Tsedek yesterday to present the cheque and also mixed with the members, chatting and joining in with the fun activities during the afternoon. The Walking Football Team were a great hit with members and Lisa would like to thank Kevin & Shaun of the WFT for organising this event. Kevin is also one of the carers and he brings his mother in law to the Dementia Club Sessions.

Lisa also wants to thank Tony Kleanthous chairman of Barnet FC who donated for auction a corporate hospitality package for 4 people at a home game of their choice.

For more details see Shaun's facebook page

Report by session leader Justine:

"The monthly Dementia Club UK meeting was held on the 9th April at Sha'arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone.

A journalist - Kate from 'BBC5 Live Investigates' attended today to interview members. Kate is investigating how people with dementia are treated in hospitals and their experiences. Kate managed to interview 3 of our members. The programme will be heard on Sunday 22nd April at 11.00am. It is a one hour programme.

Kate from
Kate from "BBC5 Live Investigates" and Lisa

At the start of the session, the guests were served tea, coffee & lovely biscuits and were happy chatting to each other. Kevin, one of our carers who brings his mother in law to Dementia Club, had arranged a fundraising evening in aid of Dementia Club UK on 21st March at The Hive in Edgware. Kevin is part of the Barnet over 50's Walking Football Team and we were honoured to have them visit us to present Dementia Club UK with a cheque for £600!!!

Steve, Mike, Kevin, Peter, Shaun & Dave of BarnetWFT presenting a cheque for £600 to Lisa
Steve, Mike, Kevin, Peter, Shaun & Dave of BarnetWFT presenting a cheque for £600 to Lisa

Shaun, Peter, Mike, Dave, Steve, Barry and Kevin all stayed for the session and joined in with all our activities and were great sports! Everyone loved them! After the presentation, a lady called Jane Rosenberg with her husband Harold (on music) entertained us with some lovely operatic singing which the guests enjoyed and appreciated.

Jane Rosenberg with her husband Harold entertaining Dementia Club UK with some Gershwin favourites
Jane Rosenberg with her husband Harold entertaining Dementia Club UK with some Gershwin favourites

 This was followed by Deborah Griffiths (who came with her 3 young children) who did some Egyptian belly dancing for us! Deborah even showed our guests some of her moves! In between all of this, the guests were even given a quiz to do! Approximately 25 guests and carers, plus quite a few visitors attended the session with the assistance of 5 helpers from the synagogue! Great fun was had by all!."

Deborah showing us how to Dance Egyption style
Deborah showing us how to Dance Egyption style